World Changer

Educate Me believes that the human asset is one of its most essential building blocks, and consequently strives to maintain diversity, motivation and happiness within its team while also helping them on their path to self-actualization.

Board of Trustees
Yasmin Helal (Founder & executive director)
Mohamed El­Haw (Co­Founder and board member)
Amr Salanekly (Co­founder and board member)
Alaa Hashem (Board Member)
Dina H. Sherif (Board Member)
Shehab ElNawawi (Board Member)
Nermeen Elkammar (Dean of Curriculum)
Salma Afifi (Human Resources & Admin manager)
Aya Yasser (Public Relations Manager)
Christine Safwat (Operations Director)
Alley El­Din Helal (Volunteers Manager)
Hatem Ayoub (IT Manager)
Mohamed Saad (HR Associate)
Noor El­-Tahan (Communications Specialist)
Shrouk El­Bakry (Accountant)
Neama Gamal (Curriculum designer)