4 Ways Parents Kill Their Children’s Creativity Everyday

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You will be surprised at how these simple everyday actions that we do tie our kids to the ground and dim their light.

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What IS Creativity Anyway?

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To many of us, creativity is a fuzzy and scary concept. Tell a group of people about to begin a task that they need to rev up their innovation engines and get creative, and you’ll feel the air in the room turn so thick you could cut it with a knife.

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Unleash TVIREVITCA in the Classroom in 5 Simple Ways!

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Did you figure out the title yet? Did I grab your attention? Gain your interest? Well, in case you’re still wondering- TVIREVITCA- is actually the word…

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5 Edutaining Places to Take Your Children This Winter Break

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  Written by: Mona A. Moneim If your children are currently Xboxing their days away, living a life of mere pleasure and indulgence, we cannot blame them.  They have rightfully-earned this winter break after yet another mad bout of exams.  And a few days of lazing around and losing oneself in virtual reality is no big deal. But, […]

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