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Educate Me’s wholly ­owned school facilities serve children of ages 4­ to 12 . Our educational model is a skill-based, learner-centered model with a focus on whole-­child development. READ MORE

Educate Me’s wholly ­owned preschool and primary ­stage community school both serve children of ages 4­ to 12 . We adopt a skill-based, learner-centered educational model with a focus on whole-­child development which provides children with the skills they need to achieve self-actualization while also offering them government certification and recognition.
Our lab schools are used for the development and validation of Educate Me’s learning model. It is through them that we test our curricula and measure the impact on our children. Educate Me Community School is certified from the Ministry of Education.

Educate Me believes that education should equip people with the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to become self-actualized lifelong learners. To achieve that, our learning model combines national educational standards for literacy with 21st century skills (based on national & international educational standards) along with a strong value ­system.

At Educate Me, a facilitator’s role is to help with the learning process. We are working on achieving the best outcome by balancing facilitator and student-­led activities, and that is by assigning two facilitators to each classroom of 12 children. Under the supervision of our professional development experts, the facilitators design weekly lesson plans based on their understanding of the local context.

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Operating inside public schools for the professional development of teachers, management and staff to ensure model scaling and government buy-­in. READ MORE

While Egyptian education enrollment rates are considerably high, with almost 2 million new entrants going into the system every year and over 19 million students enrolled in basic education, the quality of education remains a challenge across the nation, being ranked by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index as 139/140 in both quality of primary education and extent of staff training.

Educate Me believes that among the primary solutions to improve the quality of education, create positive school environments and learning experiences for students as well as equip students with the needed skills to flourish in today’s world is converting teaching methodology from transactional teaching to transformational teaching.

Educate Me’s school transformation model aims to design and build an effective school model with applicable educational practices that modify behavioral patterns, develop skills and instill a system of positive moral values in school children. We aim to accomplish this through our professional development journey programs for school teachers, administrators and school staff.

We offer 3 types of professional development programs for teachers and staff.

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