About Educate Me

Educate Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation that aspires to redefine education in Egypt through a progressive learner-centered and skill-based education model. Our model aims to realize Educate Me’s vision of a world where we are all accountable to one another’s self-actualization. It combines a set of 21st century skills and Educate Me values with national and international education standards to create learning programs that allow children to grow into self-actualized lifelong learners.  Educate Me has a pre-school facility in Talbeya, Haram as well as a government certified community school where it tests its learning model and scales the outcome to public schools through the provision of an integrated professional development program. In 2016, Educate Me trained 2500 school teachers and staff members in 93 public schools across 6 governorates.

Our Values

We inspire people to dream and mobilize themselves towards their dreams, challenging themselves and the status quo to change the world

We believe that everybody is accountable for their own welfare and that of others, and for resources.

We believe playfulness inspires creativity, boosts productivity, generates motivation, and helps us face challenges.

We are in a constant state of learning and knowledge creation. We encourage experimentation and exploring the unknown. We accept differences and encourage critical thinking.