Our Schools

Our wholly-owned preschool and primary stage community school help us develop and validate Educate Me’s learning model. It is through them that we test our curricula and measure the impact on our children.

To measure the impact of our unique educational model, both of our schools have been undergoing an impact study led by RISE Egypt. The study enables us to monitor our children’s progress across the years and measures that progress against our Theory of Change which depicts our perception of how an Educate Me school graduate will perform in the world of tomorrow.

Our ultimate goal is to help our learners grow into self-actualized individuals by exposing them to our skill-based, learner-centered educational model which focuses on whole-­child development.

Educate Me believes that education should equip people with the knowledge, skills and values that enable them to become self-actualized lifelong learners. To achieve that, our learning model combines national educational standards for literacy (national curricula), international education standards for 21st century skills and values adopted from local communities.

Our programs
Our Preschool
Our Community School

Our preschool encourages learning through play and fosters children’s creative expression . Over the course of 2 academic years, we work on developing our children’s curiosity and sense of world-discovery while helping them demonstrate an awareness of themselves as artists. We nurture their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and maintain their health and well-being through the encouragement of healthy eating habits and personal hygiene.

Established in 2015, Educate Me Community School is the first skill-based community school in Egypt that is also officially certified to grant the primary stage government certificate. We provide a safe environment that nurtures a child’s 6 areas of development: physical, lingual, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and cultural. This is through the application of Educate Me’s learning model that involves experiential learning, extracurricular journeys and a focus on emotional, psychological and physical well-being.