School Transformation Journey

  • What is the STJ?

    The School Transformation Journey (STJ) is a three year long integrated professional development program designed for school teachers and staff members. The STJ  aims to assist primary and preparatory national schools in designing and building an effective school model with applicable educational practices such as developing knowledge and skills, modifying  behavioral patterns and instilling a value system in the school. In the academic year 2016-2017, Educate Me trained over 2500 teachers in 93 public schools across 6 governorates.

  • What does the STJ aim to achieve?

    It aims to help schools:

    1-    Build a supportive humanistic environment for work and learning.

    2-    Become competent in 21st century skills-based learning.

    3-    Achieve their set Dream School outcomes.

  • Who is the STJ for?

    The STJ targets the six main groups of public school educators: subject teachers, activity teachers, social counselors as well as school leadership, school training units and subject supervisors.

  • How does the STJ work?

    The School Transformation Model (STJ) consists of a series of connected, thematic, capacity- building interventions and learning programs that aim to empower educators with knowledge and skills to help them reach their own self-actualization and achieve a safe learning environment that improves students’ skills, behavior and academic performance.

    One of the main objectives of the STJ is enabling each school to envision itself as a Dream School and set a roadmap to reach this vision. There is no one set model for what the Dream School is as each school is expected to create its model that fits its reality and challenges.
    When a school has completed the implementation of its received training in accordance with its Dream School action plan after having taken various individual and collective change initiatives towards achieving it, a school becomes a Dream School.

  • How long does the STJ take?

    The STJ operates through three years of successive interventions. First year interventions focus on identifying gaps and building the knowledge and skills of each of the targeted groups through intensive training. Second year interventions work on empowering the school as a unit of change as coaches help the school move closer to its Dream School standards. Third year interventions aim to sustain the change effected in the school over the first 2 years of the journey and all stakeholders are invited to join Educate Me’s educationalists network online and via on-ground initiatives.

The following figure shows a breakdown of first year interventions: